Coaches Information
It is a PA law that all volunteers involved with children must have a criminal background check and child abuse clearances. Below you will find links to the forms that need to be filled out and mailed in. This is free of charge for volunteers. If you have clearances from other volunteer work or from your job, this is acceptable as long as it’s not older than 5 years. Once you receive your clearance, NCBA needs to have a copy on file. Thank you!!

Request for Criminal Record Check
Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Certification

NCBA Coaches Code of Conduct
As a Youth Baseball Coach:
1. I will always consider the safety and welfare of my players to be my utmost responsibility when we are playing and practicing.

2. I will treat every player fairly and show no favoritism.

3. I will display good sportsmanship at all times. I will not display any behavior that would be a poor role model for my players.

 4. I will never leave a player or players alone after practice. I will wait for a parent or guardian to arrive and pick them up.

5. I will plan and organize every practice.

6. I will teach my players to respect all persons of authority and adults including myself. I will require that they show that respect to all parents, coaches, umpires.

7. I will learn the knowledge necessary to perform my coaching duties. That knowledge will include the rules of baseball, the fundamentals of baseball, and the proper techniques of baseball training, baseball instruction, and baseball coaching.

8. I will always remember that I have a duty greater than the coaching of baseball. I have a responsibility to help each player learn the proper values and priorities that they should have in life. I will do my best to help each player achieve his maximum potential as a player.

9. I will understand and enforce the players and parents codes of conduct at all practices and games.