September 05, 2017

Spirit Wear and Sub Sale Orders

Spirit Wear -Due 9/6 at Uniform Distribution.  The delivery for the items will be approximately 2 weeks after orders are turned in, so to get the most use of the items for fall season, we can not extend past Thursday, unless you want your order later than others.  I emailed the forms to you previously and if you did not receive a paper copy I will have them on hand at distribution.  If you would like your child's jersey # to add to your items, just reply to this email and I will be happy to provide or you can wait for uniform distribution...

Sub Sale - If possible, please turn in your sub sale orders at distribution.  Kris Gorham will be available at distribution as well as Thursday if you need an extra day.  If you need until Friday the 8th as originally stated as the deadline, you will need to contact Kris @ to make arrangements to meet with her.  Sub pick up is on Tuesday, 9/19 @  At St. Paul's UCC from 5-630pm.. Address:  2173 Stoverstown Rd. Spring Grove

Thank you for your support!!

Terri Sneeringer
NCBA Board Secretary